Linda Davis 

I have always had a passion for animals and have worked in the horse industry as an instructor and livery/competition yard owner all my life. Always with a menagerie of dogs and cats tagging along,from Battersea rescue dogs, labradors to West Highland Terriers.

Often whilst out and about, clipping horses (enabling them to continue work in the winter without a big woolly coat) clients would ask me to do the dog too! I decided after some random styles it may be a good idea to learn to do it properly!

I trained in Cheshire on a residential course which was brilliant, we had one or two dogs of a different breed to do each day, learning the finer points of all the different breed clips and also the 'pet clip' variations.

I set the business up in 2010 and fit the dogs in around caring for the permanent horses and freelance teaching. Being in a country/farm atmosphere, seems to keep the dogs very relaxed and with the nature of my lifestyle it means the times for grooming can be fairly flexible to meet the customers needs.